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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Can I retrieve msn history?

Can I retrieve msn history?


In MSN Messenger select the Tools menu, Options... menu item, and then the Messages tab. At the bottom of the dialog is an item labeled: Message History. Select it and your conversations will be recorded in the directory listed in the box bellow. (Of course you can set that to be whatever you like but the default directory is probably fine for most.)

When conversations are saved in the listed directory you'll find several files, typically one per person that you've had a conversation with. The files will all end with ".XML". Not to worry, 
Internet Explorer can open these files and will display them properly.

If IE fails to open the file and spawns notepad instead you can still force it. Right click on the file in Windows Explorer, select Open With..., and then select Internet Explorer.

If you're looking for past conversation archives and they're not present on your own machine then try having the person you were conversing with look. It's quite possible that they have an archive.