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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Protect to you when walking from dog with a stun gun

We all people to work outsides of home.So we walk for walking hand to mouth.Other hand, we have to fear
when to the road attract to the dog bite.When you are walking along,out of the where,charges you ready to attack and bite.Well there is a way protect  that dog from going any where further that will not attract the dog and protect you from harmed.Simply by carrying  Stun Gun and giving a test  fire into the air is usually enough
to stop the in dog it's tracks.They sense the electrically charge and know not go to any where.

For this reason, a Stun Gun  baton is prefered as they are a little longer, giving generelly 10 to 25 inches of
distance between the dog and the user.And also a Stun Cane is a great items,as they offer typically a distance of 32 to 36 inches between you and the dog. So, the dog is over -adrenalined and is still coming,you can make contact with them and the stun gun ,firing it and ,as long as gun good quality the dog will stop.

stun gun 

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